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Black `n White

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The Objective

Constructed in 2020 this semi-detached villa is located in the country side of Gimel (Vaud) in a contemporary style on a relatively small footprint.


Due to that small footprint the layout of of the entrance, hallway and kitchen needed to be well organised and practically arranged.  As a solution: `` Ferdinand Porsche` form follows function `` principle has been used as a guide. The centred white block appears, at first glance, like a wall but additionally houses multiple functions like; shoe cabinet, wardrobe storage and also the kitchen appliances such as the handle free oven and the handle free refrigerator.  The Matt Black lacquered
L shaped island together with the Black Oak bar and 1cm optic Storm Negro worktop appear as a sculpture in the living-room and hosts its cooking functions, discreetly.


Pure l Black `n  White i1


ambiance mode

When not in use clutter (like; kitchen appliances) can be easily hidden away via a custom designed door with special 180 degree hinges. What is unique to the design is that all cabinet doors remain in the same width and are handle free, even the refrigerator door.
Philips Hue lighting throughout the villa creates a balanced light scheme.


get cooking

The custom door in full swing together with the inverse arranged side drawers. The idea here is to establish an additional work-zone at the side of the island and cook together. 

DSC_0167 optie zijkant eiland laag met deur+ lade open.jpg
Pure l Black `n White i2.JPG


decorational Mode

The custom door full open position is fully flush against the side. When open the Black Oak furniture unit together with the black, and also handle free, Miele oven has been installed at an ideal work-height. Above the oven the integrated coffee station and the toaster.


into the living-room

At the back-side of the island a 2 person bar section is created for practical as well as for optical reasons.

The bar section generates more ``visual floor space`` and thus enlarges the general space optically quite a bit.

The niche underneath the floating bar makes a connection with the living room and is perfectly aligned with the open shelves behind the custom door.

Pure l Black `n White i5


From a different perspective

This SieMatic kitchen island is a mix of two different systems and combined.  S2 & Sc together as one. 

An hommage to the brand because it shows what can be achieved when a design is carefully created.

Pure l Black `n White i4
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