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Black & Copper Delight

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The Objective

Bold black steel, Glass and Copper where going to be the materials of choice to highlight this bespoke SieMatic kitchen. 


A renovation project like no other where everything but the structural walls have been redone with a clear vision inspired by Osiris Hertman.

This SieMatic Pure styled kitchen is fully customised to enhance the clients vision of handmade furniture combined with modern technology. Natural materials such as the sandstone floor, the wooden elements in the kitchen and the usage of black & real copper though-out the design makes this 1970´s villa one of the boldest designs ever created.


A masterpiece. 


Pure l Black & Copper Delight i1.jpg


at the bar

A bar that literally extends outwards from the island and hovers free floating in the air. A combination of Wild Oak on top and a custom copper finish underneath that conceals the support mechanism.


with a touch of copper

The glass worktop with copper sink, tap and white induction hob from Küppersbusch. Naturally with a copper accent in the downdraft air-extractor grill. In the background the gloss black American Fridge with copper handles in matching style with the ovens.  

Black & Copper Delight i2.jpg
St. Prex i5.jpg


Wrapped around the island

Locally sourced real copper elements throughout this design makes this kitchen truly bespoke.
The trim around the island the supporting copper bookstands under and above the ovens as well as the copper finish under the island bar are all hand-crafted.

Individual design.


All in one island. 

Sink, waste-bin, dishwasher, induction hob and even the air-extractor are fitted in the island. Every other nook and cranny has been used for storage space. 

St. Prex, i2.jpg
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