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Falcon Rangemaster back in business

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The Objective

Get rid of a large & bulky air-extractor, create a better flow throughout the kitchen, center the tap with an extra large sink with the mid-point of the two windows and increase storage- and countertop space. Special request; a wine-cooler easily accessible.

In an on-going renovation where an existing SieMatic kitchen initially wasn't planned to be replaced the new home-owners realised that it remodelling to their wishes and needs was the better option in the long run. The appliances where still in good condition and have been carefully checked on dimensions and serial numbers. All SieMatic Classic 2002 and Sc10 Beach Oak cabinets have been designed around the American Fridge, partially integrated dishwasher and the 100 cm wide Flacon Rangemaster double oven/induction cooker.  

Classic l To the Beach i1


Around the American Fridge

A centrepiece in the kitchen is the symmetrically designed Classic 2002 in Lotuswhite lacquered tall-unit section where the American fridge and the Oven/Mirco-wave are integrated. The set back Sc 10 Beach Oak storage cabinet is aligned with the back entrance door and creates a continues flow with the, almost similar, coloured parquet floor.  


Practical storage & XL countertop space.

The Island is practically arranged for tableware, pots & pans and also an integrated waste bin for when working on the island. Since the Sc 10 Beach Oak cabinets almost have the same colour as the white washed oak floorboards the effect of a rising island is created.

Classic l To the Beach i2
Classic l To the beach i3


With matching XL sink

Fitted 100% aligned with mid-point between the two windows. Symmetrically with the 2 door sink cabinet underneath. Exactly as per the clients wish.

The Blanco 70 cm wide sink just provides that extra width when large oven trays need to be cleaned. 


Falcon double-oven Rangemaster.

The Falcon rangemaster flush fitted with the worktops and slightly moved forward to maximise the floorspace between the island and the sink-cook section.



From a different perspective

The custom extractor with the Beach Oak accent ties the three pieces of furniture together. A little subtile hint but really makes a difference. The cabinet on the right-side of the rangemaster is the arrangement for (oils) bottles and spices. Behind this unit the wine cooler is fitted, conveniently, next to the seating area.

Classic l to the Beach i7


On the side. Out of sight.  

We all have appliances which we daily use and/or have to access. These appliances also clutter the space and could make the the space look messy. But rethinking were which appliance could go you'll find just the perfect spot to integrate a wine cooler, right beside the table overlooking that lovely garden.

Classic l to the Beach i8
Classic l To the beach i4


At the bar to eat, chill, work or just to be together.

Juts a great place to be 


Seen from the living-room 

Classic l to the Beach i8
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