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2017.003 Hombergh updated Kitchen i10.jpg

Golden Bronze framed in White Gloss

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The Objective

The kitchen at the heart of the home and make the most of the stunning views overlooking           Lake Léman from Lussy-sur-Morges.


Villa sur plan with an open planned living- and dining space.

The combination of Golden Bronze, glossy Lotuswhite and natural colours throughout the living space transform this kitchen in a contemporary piece of furniture. To keep the worktop clutter free a recessed section is created behind the induction hob to store bottles, fresh herbs and/or chopping boards. The oversized island host up to 4 persons to have breakfast, to prepare food or to have a nice wine together with friends and family.



ambiance mode

When you don't use your kitchen the (messy) appliances can be easily hidden away via a custom design door with 180. hinges. What is unique to the design is that all cabinet doors remain in the same width and are handle free. Philips Hue lighting throughout the villa creates a balanced light scheme.


get cooking

Here you see the custom door in action together with the inverse arranged side drawers. The idea here is to establish an additional work-zone at the side of the island.  

Pure l Framed in Golden Bronze


when in use

The door fully opens and reveals the black oak furnished shelves and drawer unit where the raised black, and also handle free, Miele oven has been installed. Above a coffee station and the toaster is also integrated here.  


into the living-room

At the back of the island a 2 person bar section is created for practical as well as for optical reasons. The bar section generates more floor space and thus enlarges the floor space. The niche underneath the floating bar makes the connection with the living room and is nicely aligned with the open shelves behind the custom door.

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