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Into the living-room

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The Objective

Realised in early 2019 the home-owners where looking for a way to integrate living and working from home without having to be in separate rooms.


A space that combines multiple functions. Today this is more topical then ever. In times where we all do different things but also like to be together rather than being in different spaces.

In the open space set-up where kitchen and dining-room are integrated in the same space we created furniture around an atmosphere or ambiance as well as around multiple functions.

There was a great need for storage space for day to day stuff, a place where someone could do some (home)work or surf the internet without having all sorts of electronic devices laying around.

In addition, the furniture shouldn't be too boxy or closing up the space, with warm colours too that combine well with the existing floor. All together this space feels like; Home sweet Home...

Into the Living


Playfully Harmonious

A mix of creating storage space and the integration of HiFi appliances in a playful manner. The open spaces together with the closed cabinets and extra large drawers do just that. The taupe painted wall ads warmth to the design and ties the furnitureharmoniously together.


Surfs Up

Opposite to the HiFi storage furniture additional kitchen cutlery and tableware storage is created together with a 90 cm wide desk is fitted to do some on-line surfing or to get some administration work done whilst being together with the family.

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Into the Living-room i5


At the desk

Also here the taupe painted wall ties the furniture together and the integrated led lights provide additional ambiance as well as good work light for the evening hours.


Behind the mirrored glass door

Furniture that is inside- & outside lacquered. In this set-up in matt brown together with a frameless mirrored glass dropdown door. The space behind is perfect more the arrangement of your finest collection of glasses.

Into the living-room i2
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